The truth about texting and driving is that it increases the risk of accidents twenty three times more than any other cause GCSE English

Buy a cheap alarm clock and leave your phone on charge in another room. You want to aim to create an ideal bedroom setup for good sleep, which means limiting distractions in the bedroom and making the space an inviting, calm and comfortable place to retreat to. Instead of scrolling through your phone, screen-free time will help prepare you for sleep.

  • These
    are the spill over affects that are caused when a change of behaviour is achieved.
  • It may also be
    to influence the continuity of a desired behaviour to establish a habit and promote a
    repeated behaviour such as taking a quick shower or to continue giving blood more than
  • With the drastic increase of cell phone usage among the general public, there has been a long ongoing debate between the two factions of the technological society.
  • It’s just a shame that the continuous presence of technologies like smartphones means that we are actually less connected to the people we spend time with in real life too.
  • The actual is the desired behaviour, usually in
    more specific terms.

But is also took drivers 17 percent longer to regain the speed lost during braking. Social marketing has received criticism that it is patronising and
manipulative due to its focus on behaviour change and therefore ethical standards must be
put in place to ensure individuals are not being manipulated. Other ethical dilemmas
relate to the creation and perpetuation of stereotypes, which makes people buy or do
things they do not need. The maintenance stage involves the individual maintaining their changed behaviour custom assignment writing and
have incorporated the new behaviour as a habit and a new way of life. The individual has
not had a cigarette for 6 months to a year and are committed to quitting smoking. Nevertheless, understandably they will still need to work and remind themselves not to be
tempted to relapse and focus on the benefits and distract themselves. Social marketers
understand the maintenance stage may be challenging and can address this in campaigns
such as releasing adverts stating ‘Thinking about having another cigarette?

Social media and sleep

example, research has shown that young drivers are less likely than
older drivers to rate speeding as high-risk. Although the human brain has mostly stopped growing by the end of a
person’s teenage years, it continues to go through a period of extensive
remodelling. This strengthens connections between nerve cells and
enables information to be processed more efficiently. This period
is critical for the development of the pre-frontal cortex (part of the
frontal lobe), which plays an important role in regulating impulsive
behaviour, and the ability to anticipate the consequences of behaviour.

  • This is in order to encourage them to do this
    behaviour as research has shown if people think lots of people are doing something, there
    are more likely to do so too.
  • Studies on the maintenance stage should be carried out, as this merely focused on the
  • A method to
    teach smokers to quit smoking is to encourage them to reduce their consumptions in steps,
    one cigarette at a time.
  • The take home from this is that if you must use social media before you go to sleep, try to avoid areas that will stimulate you and demand high levels of engagement.
  • No matter what the topic, animation, news, videos, and intimidating numbers.

Furthermore, people are not as outraged when it comes to texting and driving as they were for drinking and driving – probably because many of them have done it and/or are still doing it. The media is helping the cause by reporting the number of deaths involved in such crashes. Kayla Preuss, a sixteen year old girl, died because of a car accident that occurred because of her texting on the phone and not paying attention on the road (Drew). Sadly, it will likely take more accidents and more deaths to change the attitude of many who do not raise their voice against such usage of the cell phones. There are countless stories of teens dying in accidents because the driver was texting while driving or they were texting and driving. Too many people have become too accustomed to checking e-mail or sending a text while behind the wheel, even though it’s as dangerous as drinking and driving. We as Individuals should realize the effects of such habits and try to improve them, as it will eventually cause our benefit.

Social Media

The message is very clear and useful; if anyone sees the message then he/she would at least think for a while before they decide to text while they drive. Hence I believe the message is very appropriate in today’s condition where accidents occur a lot. Visual communication has been used through the ages to tell a story, spread ideas and communicate a message. Ideally, aim to wind-down your usage in the 2 hours help with texting and driving essay before bedtime, but at a minimum, at least 30 minutes before bed. In our eagerness to appear always available and connected, many of us further jeopardise our sleep by keeping our phone within grasp, on vibrate or unmuted. Our programme builds on core sleep improvement principles with personalised support tailored to you. In the next part of this series, I look at the effect technology has on our time.

help with texting and driving essay

You still need to work carefully to make sure everything is under control, but you handle the tasks independently, rather than in a single movement. Even when a smartphone is present but not actually on, we still feel its effect. One study shows that just the presence of a smartphone reduces our memory capacity and our ability to reason.

Importance of multimodal texts

A case study in Australia which was a campaign that aimed to reduce barriers to sun
protection in high risk areas showcased the importance of reducing barriers. Despite there
being many social marketing campaigns to raise awareness of the consequences of
sunburn, there was no evidence that suggested there was an overall decline (WHO, 2006). Therefore a more holistic approach was needed to make the environment they were in
more sub protective and reduce barriers to being more protected. Outdoor activities were
high and water based activities were highly linked with sun burn, in addition to the
majority of people being aware of the dangers but continued with the social norm of
tanning. Therefore access to resources such as shaded areas and protective clothing were
make available, which reduces the barriers to sun burning and creates the opportunity to
encourage behaviour change (McLeod, et al., 2011). Furthermore, increasing the minimum
age for solarium operators, and enforcing a policy change, increased the barriers for the
undesirable behaviour.

They measured the intelligence, literacy, spelling and general English abilities of a group of around 60 children. Then at the end of the academic year they returned and repeated the tests. Well on this blog science is always the answer and today it so happened I was driving back from interviewing one of the scientists who’ve been researching this area. Dr Bev Plester works at Coventry University where they have been looking a texting for around five years now.

Transmedia multimodal text

Equally, in-person communication is a skill developed over time, increased use of technology is hampering our communication skills, such as our ability to articulate what we want to say and how we interpret others physical cues. According to a study shared by Harris’s Center, over a quarter of parents feel like they are addicted to their mobile phones. Meanwhile, their use seems to correlate with symptoms of depression in younger people. ’ at events, workshops and seminars, the common answer is commonly ‘phones’, ’email’ and ‘social media’.

  • They seem purely visual because they don’t use any language or sound.
  • This is a successful example of a social marketing campaign
    aiming to make an intangible behaviour idea more tangible.
  • Make a selection according to your word count and limitations.
  • I really think that this law can help prevent accidents to a greater extent.

With inexperience a key factor in the increased risk facing young drivers, a more stringent licensing system could significantly improve young driver safety. According to Strayer, (2005, p.1), if you put a 20 year old driver behind the wheel with a cell phone, their reaction times are the same as a 70 year old driver who is not using a cell phone.

Disturbed sleep: alerted by all those alerts

devices monitor speed, driving style and other factors and can
also be used to set curfews so young drivers are not able to drive during
high-risk hours, i.e. late at night. Young drivers abiding by these
rules can be given discounts on their insurance, which has been shown to
be an effective incentive to reduce young driver speeds.

  • Therefore social
    marketers may need to address ‘upstream’ influences, including influences in the local
    community or the immediate environment.
  • The style of offering any advice to the audience is considered highly appreciated in technological essay writing.
  • In our eagerness to appear always available and connected, many of us further jeopardise our sleep by keeping our phone within grasp, on vibrate or unmuted.
  • We have written five of the best technology essay topics on which you can write about your university essays.

This is the horrific moment a BMW driver crashes into a motorcyclist leaving him with a concussion, just seconds after he’d yelled at him to stop using his mobile phone while driving. It’s just a shame that the continuous presence of technologies like smartphones means that we are actually less connected to the people we spend time with in real life too. We’ve talked about technology and sleep deprivation in business before. However, it is one of those things that can’t be mentioned enough. According to twenty different studies (twenty!), using our phones at bedtime reduce the quality of our sleep, as well as the quantity of it.

What is an example of multimodal text?

Please remember that what you will find here are the questions that have been reported by exam-takers from IELTS exams around the world. Even though I have used my experience as a trained exam creator to edit the prompts so that they are as close to the original exam question as possible, I can never guarantee that they are 100% the same. He added that as the driver is currently under criminal investigation, he will not be able to go after him or his insurance for any sort of compensation for a while. ‘Once the light turned green, I proceeded through the intersection, making my turn. Behind me, the BMW driver came flying up behind me very aggressively.

Furthermore, social marketers must pursue research and be able to justify why they have
come to the decision to focus on a specific target market. Driving on the highway, when hearing the recognizable text message ring tone a person starts to think, “Maybe it’s my friend telling me about the update on the party tonight, or my mother, or what if there is an emergency? ” It does not look like traffic is going to be moving anytime soon, and knowing that it would only take a few seconds, to respond, they do.

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