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Selecting a Secure Free Peer to peer Service

Whether you work for a company, freelance, or are simply planning to share a few funny photos of your pets together with your friends and family, file-sharing services will be something everybody uses. As a result, it’s important that you choose a secure free file sharing in order to protect the files and privacy.


Mega is actually a force to get reckoned with in the world of file sharing, boasting monster-sized 20GB of free storage space and a legendary combination of security, convenience, and collaboration. Highlighting end-to-end solid encryption, only you and your trusted allies will be able to access the data you share. The platform also makes it simple to publish files, even though recipients can quickly grab associated with a download link without the need for a Huge account.


Originally built for business users, this well-known file sharing web page has as expanded their reach to consumers. The software syncs files around multiple devices, thus, making them accessible exactly where you will be. While the free of charge version is enough for most demands, you’ll want to upgrade for further advanced features like security password protection and customized expiry dates.

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